Heating Installation & Repair

Residential Heating Services

Here in the Northeast when it comes to heating and cooling, your heating system should be your number one priority. At Advanced Heating & Cooling, we understand homeowners use their heat far more frequently than their air conditioning systems. That’s why we offer comprehensive heating services for all makes and models of systems. We provide heating installation, retrofitting, repairs, and maintenance throughout all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. Contact Advanced Heating & Cooling today to learn more about the residential heating services we offer. Give us a call at (401) 225-6962 to schedule service.

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hvac heating services near me jpg

New Heating Installations & Retrofitting

When it is time for a new heating system, turn to the experts at Advanced Heating & Cooling. We have several direct-vent, condensing furnaces with efficiency ratings up to 98%. What this means is 98% of the energy used is heating your home. Only 2% is going out of the chimney. That equals tremendous savings for our customers. Almost all existing homes can be retrofitted to accept these new furnaces with little modification.

Heating System Maintenance & Repair

Advanced Heating & Cooling provides quick and efficient heating system maintenance and repair services. We will help you keep your home warm throughout the cold season! Reach out to our team today to schedule heating maintenance or repairs.

advanced heating and cooling services near me
advanced heating and cooling services near me
Residential & Commercial Services