Ocean House is a prestigious 5-star resort located in Watch Hill, Westerly, Rhode Island. It is renowned for its luxurious accommodations, stunning ocean views, and top-notch amenities, providing guests with an exquisite and memorable experience. more here

The resort boasts a prime location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, offering breathtaking views of the coastline and surrounding beauty. Its private beach allows guests to relax and unwind in a secluded and serene environment.

In addition to its picturesque setting, Ocean House provides an array of high-end amenities and services. Guests can expect luxurious rooms and suites furnished with elegant decor and modern conveniences. The resort likely offers spa facilities, fitness centers, and other recreational activities to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

One of the standout features of Ocean House is its fine dining options. The resort is likely to have multiple restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. Expect a selection of gourmet dishes prepared by skilled chefs, utilizing locally sourced ingredients and seasonally inspired menus. The emphasis on top-quality cuisine aims to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Due to its reputation as a luxurious retreat, Ocean House is a popular destination for weddings, special occasions, and romantic getaways. The exceptional service and attention to detail provided by the staff make it an unforgettable destination for those seeking a pampering and indulgent escape. view more